So Nyuh Shi Dae/SNSD/Girl’s Generation

Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, the acronym of So Nyeo Si Dae,a nine member South Korean girl group formed in 2007 by SM Entertainment. The members include (in order of official announcement) Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sunny.


The members were professionally trained primarily in singing and dancing, while some members were also selected to be trained in acting and modeling. Many of the members already had made names for themselves in the Korean entertainment industry through their participation in magazine ads, television commercials, and small television appearances. For nearly two years, Korean websites speculated about which of the female SM Entertainment trainees would be placed into the group. Before the official release of the group name, Girls’ Generation, it was rumored that the group would be named “Super Girls” after their so-called counterpart, Super Junior.

Debut and first album

On July 19, 2007, Girls’ Generation had their first performance on M.NET’S M!Countdown. Although this performance was never broadcast on television, many videos were shot by fans and uploaded onto the internet. The song the girls performed was called “다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)”, which ended up being their first single.

On August 2, 2007, the single “다시 만난 세계 (Into the new world)” was released. This single included two other songs, “Beginning” and “Perfect For You (소원)”. An instrumental of “Into the new world” is also included.

The group began promoting the single soon after its release. On August 5, 2007, Girls’ Generation made their debut performance on SBS’s Popular Songs, performing their first single. Although it was their first televised performance, it was lip-synched, making netizens doubt their live performance capabilities. A few days later, on August 11, Girls’ Generation did their first live performance on MBC’s Show! Music Core, which was met with mixed reviews. The day after, the group performed live for the second time on KBS’s Music Bank. This performance also had mixed reviews by netizens. Despite this, on October 11, 2007, Girls’ Generation won first place with their popular song, “Into the new world” in M!Countdown, beating Lee Seung Gi by a couple of votes.

After a short break, their first full album was released on November 1, with the lead single “소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)”, a cover of Lee Seung Chul’s hit. Promotion for the single started in early November. Marked by cutesy dance routines and vocals, “Girls’ Generation” was a hit for the group, and the album has sold 56,804 copies to date, placing 12th in the year-end charts. In January 2008, Girls’ Generation began promoting their second single, “Kissing You”. The music video featured Donghae from Super Junior.


Girls’ Generation’s documentary Girls’ Generation Goes to School (소녀…학교에 가다) began airing on July 27, 2007 on M.NET. There were a total of nine episodes, with seven focused on their performances, one “behind-the-scenes” look at the girls’ world, and the last being a bonus episode of the girls performing at Sunny’s high-school. Another show, broadcasted on MTV Korea, shows each of the girls at home.

The group has also joined FM Radio Station Popular Songs 106.1, which is hosted by Park Joon Hyung.

Member Profiles:
Tae Yeon
Birth Name: Kim Tae Yeon / 김태연
Date of Birth: March 9, 1989 (1989-03-09)
Height: 162 cm.
Weight: 44 kg.
Bloodtype: O
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Language: Korean, Chinese
Speciality: Trot
Training: 3 Years 3 Month
School: Jeonju Art High school(전주예술고고등학교)
Career: – 2004 Featured with The One ‘You Bring me Joy’(Part 2)
2007- CF Mobile Stone in the Water


Birth Name: Jessica Jeong
Korean Name: Jung Soo Yeon / 정수연
Height: 163 cm.
Weight: 43 kg.
Bloodtype: B
Date of Birth: April 18, 1989 (1989-04-18)
Position: Main Vocalist
Language: Fluent in English & Korean
Speciality: Dance
Training: 7 Years 6 Month
School: Korea Kent Foreign School [K.K.F.S.](한국 켄트 외국인 학교)
Career: – 2007 MV Kim Jo Han’s ‘Love is so late,I’m sorry’
Birth Name: Lee Sun Kyu / 이순규
Date of Birth: May 15, 1989 (1989-05-15)
Height: 158 cm.
Weight: 43 kg.
Position: Lead Vocalist
Language: Korean, Chinese
Speciality: Sports, Eloquence
Training: 9 Month
School: Baehwa Girl’s High school(배화여자고등학교)
Career: – 2008 DJ Melon Cheonbangjichuk the radio ‘Sungmin&Sunny’
Birth Name: Stephanie Hwang
Korean Name: Hwang Mi Young / 황미영
Date of Birth: August 1, 1989 (1989-08-01)
Height: 162 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Position: Lead Vocalist
Language: Fluent in Korean & English
Speciality: Flute
Training: 2 Years 7 Month
School: Korea Kent Foreign School [K.K.F.S.](한국 켄트 외국인 학교)
Career: – 2007 VJ KMTV with Hyesung ‘少年少女’
Birth Name: Kim Hyo Yeon / 김효연
Date of Birth: September 22, 1989 (1989-09-22)
Height: 160 cm.
Weight: 45 kg.
Bloodtype: AB
Position: Supporting Vocalist/Main Dancer
Language: Korean, Mandarin (Chinese)
Speciality: Dance
Training: 6 Years 1 Month
School: China Beijing Language Courses(중국북경어학연수)
Career: – 2005 MKMF BoA’s Dancer
Birth Name: Kwon Yu Ri / 권유리
Date of Birth: December 5, 1989 (1989-12-05)
Height: 167 cm.
Weight: 45 kg.
Bloodtype: O
Position: Supporting Vocalist/2nd Lead Dancer
Language: Korean, Chinese
Speciality: Dance,Acting,Swimming
Training: 5 Years 11 Month
School: Neunggok High School(능곡고등학교)
Career: – 2006 CF Same Highbill Lake City
– 2006 MV DBSK ‘Beautiful Life’
– 2006 CF China Chocopie CF (2006)
– 2006 CF East-West food Hat Choco mitte
– 2007 The Movie ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’(Ballet Girl)
– 2007 KBS Sitcom ‘Unstoppable Marriage’


Birth Name: Choi Soo Young / 최수영
Date of Birth: February 10, 1990 (1990-02-10)
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 45 kg.
Bloodtype: O
Position: Supporting Vocalist
Language: Fluent in Korean & Japanese
Speciality: Dance, Eloquence, Acting
Training: 6 Years 3 Month
School: Jeongshin Girl’s High school(정신여자고등학교)
Career: – 2002 Japanese Duo Girl ‘Route O’
– 2003 CF Samsung Anycall Battle of Music
– 2004 School uniforms ‘Rocks’ model
– 2005 VJ ‘Hello Chat’
– 2007 DJ Melon Cheonbangjichuk the radio ‘Sungmin&Sooyoung’
– 2007 KBS Sitcom ‘Unstoppable Marriage’


Birth Name: Lim Yoon A / 임윤아
Date of Birth: May 30, 1990 (1990-05-30)
Height: 166 cm.
Weight: 46 kg.
Bloodtype: B
Position: Supporting Vocalist/Lead Dancer
Language: Korean, Chinese
Speciality: Dance,Acting
Training: 7 Years 2 Month
School: Daeyeong High School(대영고등학교)
Career: – 2004 Elite Student uniforms advertising model
– 2004 MV DBSK ‘Magic Castle’
– 2006 CF Teun Teun English
– 2006 CF Sanyo batteries eneloop
– 2006 CF Elite Student uniforms
– 2006 MV Super Junior ‘U’
– 2006 MV CSJH The Grace ‘My Everything’
– 2007 Clean&Clear
– 2007 Sunkit Grapefruit/Lemonade
– 2007 MBC drama ‘Two out nine’(Shin Ju Yeong)
– 2007 MV Super Junior ‘Marry U’
– 2008 MV Lee Seung Chul ‘Propose’


Birth Name: Seo Ju Hyun / 서주현
Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 46 kg.
Bloodtype: A
Date of Birth: June 28, 1991 (1991-06-28)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Language: Fluent in Korean & Chinese
Speciality: Piano
Training: 6 Years 6 Month
School: Daeyeong High School(대영고등학교)
Career: – 2005 Smart loses Student uniforms advertising model

Credits: Wikipedia


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